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​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

When is the bakery open?

We are a home-based business, compliant under Florida's Cottage Industry Laws.  We will gladly provide your best boozy baked goods at our next pop-up location, by pre-arranged pick-up, or delivery!  (See Menu page for details)

Do you ship?

So sorry!  Under Florida Cottage Industry law, we can't!  Help us build this business into a store front - then we can! (Besides, cupcakes don't travel well.  We don't want to be as dangerous as lettuce!)

Can I find The Boozy Bake Shoppe goodies in a grocery store?

So sorry, no.  We can't wholesale our tipsy treats!  (Plus we'd need a much bigger kitchen!)

Will pop-up locations offer alcohol-free options?

Yes!  Pop-up locations will offer a small selection of alcohol-free options.  Great news, if you want to keep the kids out of your stash!

Do you serve gluten-free and vegetatian options?

We'd love to create a special treat to meet your dietary needs! Most cupcake flavors can be easily converted. Just place a request and we'll do our best!

Can my teenager buy the baked goods made with alcohol?

All buyers must be 21 years old to purchase.  And we I.D.!  For cupcakes!  (Bummer, right?!)

Are these your only flavors?

Just like cocktails the options are endless! The flavors are as limited as the liquor cabinet!  Place a request!